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First time gentlemen

If we haven’t met, screening is required via my Booking Form. Please understand that this is for my safety, and is standard protocol. Any information you provide is kept strictly private, never divulged and confidentiality is guaranteed always. 

No screening = No see.



Inappropriate language or sexual references will immediately result in you being blocked.



Personal hygiene, grooming, and cleanliness are expected and extremely important!



Drug use and drinking in excess is never tolerated.  I do not use drugs nor do I want them around me.



Donations should be presented in an unsealed envelope within the first five minutes of our time together. For social public dates, please place my donation in a book (bonus points if it's a poetry book because I love poetry) or a discreet gift bag. If we're in private, simply leave my donation on the bathroom counter and please make no verbal reference to it.

The pursuit of pleasure is a very serious business! So let's make sure our time together is memorable

for all the right reasons!

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Wardrobe Requests

You are most welcome to request a particular outfit. Perhaps you're inspired by one of my latest photo shoots? After successful screening and with enough notice I can definitely do my best to accommodate!



New friends will require some extra time to allow for screening so if we have not already become acquainted please don't hesitate to contact me. I am available for same day dates.



My preferred method of communication is email. Please reserve texting and calling for same day request or last minute plan changes such as to make me aware of your arrival and location on the occasion of our date.



Please prioritize our time together and schedule accordingly. I do understand that occasionally a date may need to be cancelled. If so, please notify me at least 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately ,cancellations within 48 hours of our date will result in either a loss of your deposit or the need for a 50% deposit to be paid in advance should you wish to re-schedule for another time.  After 2 cancellations in a row without cancellation fee, I will no longer accept bookings from you.


Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for reading!

Stacey Sig